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Bugis is a central part of Singapore with a rich and eventful history. Nowadays it has been extensively redeveloped into a key shopping destination, featuring Bugis Junction mall. However in the past it has had a more interesting past, for a long time being a red light district famed for ladyboys. Before that it was home to a Japanese community with plenty of Japanese working girls. The name Bugis in fact comes from the pirates who worked in the straits before the British took over.
The area is also where Arabian traders set up their base and it still has plenty of Arabic influence, with several important mosques on display. The most significant being the Sultan's Mosque, and also Hajjah Fatimah Mosque. The area also features tributes to the Malay community, with the Malay Heritage Centre, and there is also Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple.
What is clear, Bugis is a central part of Singapore, with influences from all parts of Singapore's diverse population.

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