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East Singapore

The East part of Singapore is the gateway to the world with Changi Airport, but beyond that most tourists will pass through the East of the island on their way to the main city centre. Nonetheless there are plenty of attractions for those willing to spend some more time in the area.
Of course Geylang is well known as the Red light district of Singapore, with plenty of budget accommodation available. Amidst this, the Malay village offers a glimpse of Malaysian life.
Closer to the airport the Changi Museum and Chapel is a fitting reminder to Singapore's past under Japanese occupation during World War II. To the north is Pulau Ubin, one of Singapore's last remaining untouched islands, a wild getaway with little in the way of modern amenities. For the adventure lovers, head to Forest Adventure for a memorable exploration of the forest by way of ropeswings and abseiling. To the south is the East Coast Park, the largest national park in Singapore, built on reclaimed land with it's (imported) white sandy beaches.